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3 Reasons Why LASIK Will Make A Major League Difference

Those of us in Cleveland live and die with our Browns, Indians and Cavs. Any good Clevelander can recite the script from the movie Major League word for word. One of the hallmark images of that famous Cleveland themed movie is the vision of pitcher Ricky Vaughn heading out to the mound with his thick, black-framed glasses, taped across the bridge so they wouldn’t fall apart. As crazy as he looked with those frames on when he took the mound, it was even crazier to watch him hurl balls into the stands because he couldn’t see. He didn’t want glasses because he wanted to look cool, but he needed to be able to see better to perform his job. If only he knew that LASIK surgery would have helped him throw a better breaking ball, and look good doing it!

But you aren’t a major league pitcher (in the movies or real life!). You aren’t looking for endorsement deals and you aren’t going to be on national TV anytime soon. So why is LASIK the right choice for you? The answers might be staring you right in the face!

• You aren’t a major leaguer, but you stay active.
Sure, as our beloved Indians make their march to the World Series this year, you’ll watch the games from home or the stands, not from the dugout. But what about your nightly walks after dinner, or weekend bike rides through the Metroparks? There is nothing worse than sweat causing your glasses to slide down your nose and constantly having to adjust when you are being active. And when sweat gets in your contacts it can be painful and uncomfortable. If you are active and exercise often, LASIK will enhance your workout experience.

• You can’t touch this (eye).
Many people would like to ditch their glasses, but they can’t stomach the thought of touching their eye. You often hear of those people leaving contacts in way longer than they are supposed to because they don’t want to go through the process again. Leaving contacts in for too long can be dangerous and cause damage to your eyes. LASIK eliminates the everyday struggle of touching the eye and simplifies your morning routine.

You don’t want to be that person holding a menu up to your face to read about your breakfast.
Presbyopia is the gradual loss of the ability to focus on near objects. It is natural, nearly everyone goes through it, and it makes us all look silly. You always had two options – put the text you are reading against your nose so you can see it clearly, or wear Benjamin Franklin looking readers so you can make out the words. LASIK eliminates both options. One visit to LVC and you’ll never be that person in the restaurant with a menu stuck to their face!

Whatever motivation you have to look into LASIK,  LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland is here to help guide you through the process. Get a free quote online and find out about our great financing options. You might not be in the majors, but you’ll feel like an all-star with improved vision from LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland.