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5 Cleveland Attractions You’ll Love Even More After Lasik

Cleveland is our city.  It’s been so wonderful to watch our city go from a one-time punchline to being a highly sought after tourist attraction.  Summertime in Cleveland is a great time to enjoy attractions both inside and out.  And it’s even better when you trade in your old eyeglasses for sunglasses thanks to Lasik surgery.  Lasik changes the way you see the world, and even if you’ve been somewhere before, you’ll want to revisit the sites once your vision is enhanced with surgery.

Here are five sites you’ll want to revisit in Cleveland after realizing the benefits of LASIK surgery:

1. The Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland Art MuseumYes, you have been there before, but when Lasik surgery enhances your vision and has you seeing more clearly, you’ll find details in the paintings and displays you never knew were there before.  There is artwork from all over the world, spanning the world’s history.  See it again for the first time after your surgery.

Address: 11150 East Boulevard, University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio
Official site: www.clevelandart.org

2.Cleveland Botanical Garden
Cleveland Botanical GardenGet outside and enjoy yourself.  In the summertime, glasses can be hot and uncomfortable.  They can slide down the bridge of your nose and run right off your face.  But now that your Lasik surgery is complete, you can enjoy nature, and there is plenty of nature in the gardens! Go from rainforest to desert and from America to Japan without ever leaving Cleveland!

Address: 11030 East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio
Official site: http://www.cbgarden.org

3.Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Cleveland Metropark ZooYou’ve never really been able to enjoy the animals the way you will be able to after Lasik.  No more being afraid that if you bend over to look down at the polar bears and seals that your glasses might take a dip!

Address: 3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, Ohio
Official site: http://www.clevelandmetroparks.com/Zoo/Zoo.aspx

4.Playhouse Square
Playhouse SquareCleveland has one of the most amazing theater districts in the country, and if you’ve never seen a play without eyeglasses, you’ve missed out. Lasik surgery will enhance your experience, and you’ll catch details you might have lost in the blind spots you can have with glasses!

Address: 1501 Euclid Avenue, Suite 200, Cleveland, Ohio
Official site: http://www.playhousesquare.org

5.The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Rock and Roll Hall of FameImagine going sans-glasses to check out the history of America’s favorite musical tradition.  No more looking over the top of your glasses to read the plaques or having to squint to see the movies that are talking about your favorite artists.  The Rock Hall is interactive and so much more interesting when you aren’t distracted by glasses or poor vision.  You’ll love being reacquainted with the exhibits post Lasik!

Address: 1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio
Official site: http://www.rockhall.com

Whether you live in Cleveland or you are just visiting, Lasik surgery make everything look better!  If you are from Northeast Ohio and you’re looking for a fresh perspective, schedule an appointment for a free consultation at Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland.