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5 Reasons to Consider LASIK Eye Surgery

Have you been considering whether LASIK eye surgery would be a benefit to you, but find yourself too nervous or unsure of the surgery to schedule a consultation? While we definitely understand that any unfamiliar procedure, particularly involving your eyesight, can be stressful, we encourage you to learn as much about laser eye surgery as possible to ease your concerns.

There are many compelling reasons to consider having LASIK:

  1. Be comfortable. Many contact lenses wearers do not even realize how many times a day they are irritated by their eyes—it has become normal. For example, allergy sufferers can be especially prone to red, itchy eyes and blurry contacts during allergy season. Or, on a windy day, a piece of dust or dirt can blow into one of your eyes, irritating your contact lens and causing pain. But that does not have to be your normal. After LASIK eye surgery, your new normal will be clear, comfortable vision.
  1. Wake up and see clearly! Picture this: You wake up and no longer have to squint to see the time on your alarm clock before fumbling for your glasses or to the mirror to put in your contacts. Instead, you wake up and see clearly. Laser eye surgery gives you this freedom. You will see clearly from the moment you open your eyes in the morning until you close them to fall asleep.
  1. Enhance your active lifestyle. Imagine having the luxury of participating in any sport or recreational activity without worry of your vision or protecting your glasses. From rock climbing to jet skiing to joining a recreational sports team, enjoy physical activities without second-guessing how you will be able to see if something happens to your glasses or a contact lens falls out, potentially putting you at a safety risk.
  1. Enjoy a significant return on investment. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive new frames and lenses for your glasses each year or your monthly supply of contact lenses, make a one-time investment in your eyesight that will last a lifetime. Laser eye surgery pays for itself through the money saved by buying new glasses and contact lenses.
  1. It works! The most compelling reason to have laser eye surgery is that it is proven to be effective and results in lifelong corrected vision.

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