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A LASIK Quiz for Teachers

School’s in Session

Will You Pass the LASIK Quiz?


Okay, teachers, the kids are back at their desks, the Number 2 pencils are sharpened (are those even used anymore?), and you are doing what you do best: Molding young minds and preparing them for bright futures. You talk to them about being bold, taking risks, daring to step out – all while wearing clunky, antiquated eyewear that makes you look like a stereotypical movie character and causing you more trouble than they are worth!

We know you deserve better – we know you deserve LASIK! So, we want to give you a quiz to see if getting LASIK surgery makes sense in your classroom. 

Problem One: You are grading quizzes on your computer screen and you suspect there is a gum chewer in the back of your class. You try to look up and over the top of your glasses in time to catch the culprit, but by the time your eyes adjust, the gum is swallowed and you are too late!

Solution: Custom LASIK.
Shifting from readers to regular frames or navigating the focus issues that come with bifocals isn’t worth the hassle! With custom LASIK, your eyes will adjust more quickly and with no obstacles – so, no bubble blower will escape your watchful eye in your classroom! 

Problem Two: You have spent your whole life convincing yourself that you will never look like the quintessential teacher in every movie. Take a look at yourself – you have bifocals hanging from a chain around your neck so you won’t lose them. You are now the stereotype.

Solution: Ditch the Frames with LASIK.
Find a new you and a new look with LASIK! You’ll love the freedom of ditching the chain around your neck and going glassless is a breath of fresh air. Following LASIK, your kids will wonder who this cool new teacher is.

Problem Three: You want to have the coolest, most-inclusive classroom for your students, but room supplies are expensive, and you are paying out of pocket.

Solution: Deduct Your LASIK Surgery on Your Taxes.
While LASIK isn’t covered by most medical plans, it is often tax-deductible. You want to check with your CPA to see what you need to do and how much will be covered, but you could be able to make enough from your deduction to beautify your classroom!

Did you pass the test? Does it look like LASIK will help you be the best educator you can be?  If you feel like this is the case, schedule a consultation with Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland today and let’s get you on the Honor Roll this year!

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