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For someone who has struggled with poor eyesight, LASIK eye surgery can truly be life-changing. The benefits of this quick, simple procedure are numerous.

  • To put it simply, LASIK surgery works. Laser vision surgery is proven to be effective. One quick out-patient procedure will result in lifelong corrected vision. That’s a significant trade-off.
  • There is little to no pain. You may believe a common misconception that LASIK eye surgery is painful. In reality, there is very little pain, if any, involved during the procedure. Patients may experience some minor discomfort in the several days following a LASIK procedure, but that discomfort will quickly pass and can be soothed with eye drops.
  • Say goodbye to contacts. Any longtime user knows the frustrations of contact lenses. For one, they are expensive, particularly if you wear a variety of daily disposable lenses. They can also irritate and dry your eyes after wearing them for many hours a day. Make a one-time investment in LASIK, rather than purchase expensive contacts year after year.
  • Reduce time wearing glasses. Prescription glasses will need to be updated every few years, which can be pricey. Plus, the necessity of always wearing your glasses can sometimes hold you back from activities you most enjoy, such as competitive sports or swimming. LASIK eye surgery will free you from total dependency on glasses. You will be able to partake in any activity you choose without worrying about your glasses getting in the way.

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TJ Ward | World Champion Pro Football Player

" Thanks to the staff at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland and Dr. Eippert for providing excellent and professional care to improve my vision on and off the field"

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