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Learn more about us by hearing what our patients have to say about their experience with the LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland. You’ll hear information about their experiences in intake, testing, bladeless lasik procedures, follow up and results. If you have any questions about what you see, feel free to contact us.


Mackenzie after completing a big, uphill backpacking trek in Pennsylvania!Mackenzie A.,  Cleveland Heights, OH

“Wonderful does not even begin to describe my experience with LVC of Cleveland. I have had very poor vision my entire life, needing glasses since  I was 7 years old. Because of my terrible astigmatism, contacts were always incredibly uncomfortable, causing me constant pain and irritation. Sometimes they were the only option though, as I am a very active person who hikes, bikes, snowboards and attends music festivals where glasses would not be the best option. After much deliberation (and by much, I mean years of consideration), I decided to to scope out a location and was referred by my eye doctor to LVC of Cleveland.

The entire staff was so supportive and helpful and made sure I was comfortable throughout the entire procedure. After the procedure, I opened my eyes and when the doctor asked what I could see, my response was simply “a lot!” and I cried some of the happiest tears of my life. My vision is now 20/20 and I could not be more pleased with my results. After my college education, this was the best investment I have ever made in my life. I am finally free to enjoy every adventure to the fullest!”



Jim B, Peninsula , OH

“Staff was great, overall a very positive experience!



Shannon G., Kirtland, OH

“Had a great experience, everyone on staff was phenomenal.  I had PRK surgery on a Friday and ran a 5k that Sunday!”



Raysa S ., Mentor, OH

“I cannot be any happier with the LASIK procedure I had done at LVC. I had my lasik done only two days ago and I am seeing better than ever.  LVC has a tremendous staff.  It is one of those places where you feel completely comfortable in all aspects.  I will always recommend LVC to those thinking about LASIK (including to the person reading my review!) Not to mention, they have the most advanced technology available in the world at their facility.  My procedure was worth every penny!”



Danielle P., Medina , OH

“The care I received was most excellent! I felt completely comfortable and confident on the day of surgery.  I had no doubts at all because LVC did such a wonderful job of informing me on every detail and showing me the lasers days prior to my surgery.  The process was so fast, seamless, and pain free.  I felt great even on the ride home and after surgery my vision was 20/15 within hours!!! I love my new eyes!!! I definitely recommend LVC to anyone considering LASIK.  Why would you go into eye surgery with fear?  The staff, technology, and equipment ar the best in the area and I had 100% confidence in it all, and now I’m extremely happy and pleased.  Thanks LVC!”



Brad K., Elyria, OH

“I want to thank Dr. Eippert and the awesome staff for an amazing LASIK experience. I truly feel I went with the best in the field and I am extremely happy with my results!”



Jenn M., Parkman, OH

“The customer service at this business is phenomenal.  The staff were friendly from the start and never pushy.  They took time to answer all my questions before surgery and after.  I highly recommend scheduling a consultation here.  I’m very happy with the results!”



Erin B., Amherst, OH

“I was a little nervous, but you all were so nice and reassuring.  The procedure itself doesn’t last more than about 10 mins.  They were very thorough with all the tests and measurements.  So far, everything has gone perfectly in my ‘recovery’ period.  I am so happy with my decision to get LASIK!! I wish I would have made the decision many years ago.  Thank you!!!”



Scott P., Olmstead Falls, OH

“The staff was very professional and informative.  4 hours after surgery I woke up from my nap and could see perfect! My eyes were barely sore the next couple of days and my vision has been great ever since. Would highly refer a friend who is thinking about getting the procedure done!”



Kristin Thorp., Mentor, OH

“Everyone at LVC are very welcoming, informative, and thorough in there efforts to provide exceptional care.  I’m very satisfied with all my care and results thus far”



Kali T., Vermillion, OH

“My experience with LVC was better than I could have ever imagined. The staff were very friendly and professional and my LASIK experience procedure was so quick.  I am still amazed every day by my better than 20/20 vision!”



Andrew A., Mentor, OH

“Wonderful and helpful staff,  from the moment of my first appointment to the minute after I walked out after the procedure.  Thank you for my new outlook!”



Shelley L., Valley City, OH

“My experience was painless and miraculous. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.  Thank you for sharing your talents”



Frank L., Avon, OH

“The staff is very professional and friendly.  The atmosphere is very relaxing.  I felt very relaxed and confident”



Pareshkumar P.,  Ravenna, OH

“My treatment at LVC was an amazing experience.  I highly recommend LVC to my friends and family!”



Jennifer M.,  Mentor, OH

“Staff was great, answered all my questions!”



Dayna R.,  Olmstead Falls, OH

“My experience was fantastic and I would highly recommend LVC to all of my friends and family members looking to improve their vision.  My eyesight is better than ever!”



Jessica M.,  Medina, OH

“I had a great experience.  All the staff made me feel comfortable the whole time and told me what to expect every step of the way.”



Mackenzie A.,  Cleveland Heights, OH

“I had a wonderful experience with LVC of Cleveland.  The entire staff is so supportive and helpful. My vision is now 20/20 and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.”



Tim M.,  Copley, OH

“The staff was fantastic. They were very knowledgeable and helpful at each step.  The process was over before I knew it and my vision was great”



Mike H., Mentor, OH

“The staff was very professional and polite. A great overall experience. I brag to all my friends and family how great they are.”



Amanda B., Dorset, OH

“LVC was amazing. They explained everything and made me feel at ease. The team worked well together and I could not be any happier with my results!”



Heidi R., Willowick, OH

“The whole staff is super friendly. They made me feel comfortable. I love how easy everything was and I love my new eyes!”



Lisa W., Willoughby, OH

“Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  It was worth every penny! I do not miss my contacts. Feeling great :)”



Traci S., Litchfield, OH

“Only regret is not having it done sooner. Painless, fast, easy surgery! Thank you!”



Lindsay D., Brookpark, OH

“This was the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s an amazing feeling not to have to wake up and just be able to see without contacts or glasses!”



Peter D., Hudson, OH

“Very  professional. Entire staff was excellent.”



Ashley C., Willoughby, OH

“I wanted to thank you for something I haven’t had in years…my sight! From the moment I walked in and spoke with Evelyn to the hugs I received when I left. I appreciate the hospitality while my family was there and the magic you performed on my eyes. Thank you, than you, thank you!”



Carla W., North Ridgeville, OH

“The Staff was very professional and made me feel at ease. The procedure was quick and painless and the results were immediate! I wore glasses for over 20 years and now I don’t have to!”



Janet V., Novelty, OH

“The staff was personable and professional. I would recommend them. I had confidence in their abilities and am pleased with the outcome.”



Diana M., Perry, OH

“First of all I was very excited that I could have PRK! From the first visit I was totally relaxed and understood what would happen in surgery and after. EVERYONE WAS VERY PROFESSIONAL.”



Koreen D., North Royalton, OH

“My experience was fantastic. Everyone was so professional from scheduling my appointments to having my PRK surgery. I went in expecting LASIK but after speaking with Dr. Eippert and getting his professional opinion I couldn’t be more satisfied with the PRK results.”



Ben B., Geneva, OH

“Instructions regarding my LASIK procedure were made clear and concise by my care providers. The surgery was quick, easy and above all successful. Thanks again LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland.”



Louise O., Painesville, OH

“My experience start to end was fantastic. Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel comfortable. I was not nervous in the least. I would refer everyone to LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland.”



Andrea L., Medina, OH

“My experience at LVC was above and beyond what I could have expected!”



Jennifer C., Chardon, OH

“Dr. Eippert and the staff at LVC were wonderful. Their service was both professional and personal. Thanks to the painless and amazingly quick LASIK surgery, I am now glasses-free with 20/20 vision!”



Jeremy R., Willoughby Hills, OH

“First class all the way!!! Higher price and well worth it.”



Nate W., Mayfield Heights, OH

“I can’t begin to describe just how great my experience with LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland was. From start to finish, the staff to the results were fantastic!”



Mary M., Willoughby, OH

“Tina made me feel very informed with very thorough explanation and great customer service provided by all who I came in contact with.  Still impressed I can see!”



Maureen S., Willowick, OH

“Your staff was great! I felt so comfortable with everyone who helped me and had no hesitations about the procedure.”



Jill H., Brunswick, OH

“My experience was fantastic! All the people at LVC are awesome and did everything possible to make you feel comfortable and provide all the necessary information you need before, during and after surgery! Thank you for letting me see again clearly – I LOVE IT!!!!”



Amber W., Painesville , OH

“My experience at LVC was so comfortable. I was so nervous before visiting LVC and all my questions were answered and I felt way more relaxed and confident.  Thank you 🙂 ”



Kimberly K., Mentor, OH

“Great experience! I felt very comfortable with the care of LASIK Vision Center! Thank You!”



Erin O., Mayfield Heights, OH

“The staff at LVC was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. The organization and flow on surgery day helped calm my nerves and before I knew it I was ready to go home”



Gerry W., Middlefield, OH

“My surgery was easy and everyone was very nice. I had no pain and it was a great experience. I would do it again. Wonderful people.”



Debra H., Ashtabula, OH

“Experienced, friendly, pleasant and quick.”



Lisa K, Concord, OH

“My experience at LVC was outstanding. The procedure was painless and easy and the staff made me feel comfortable. I can only questions why I didn’t do this sooner!”



Amanda T., Asthtabula , OH

“I enjoyed my LASIK experience! Everyone was amazing, friendly and very efficient. I had horrible vision and being able to see so sharply has been life changing :)”



Alycia F., Mentor , OH

“My Experience at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland was amazing.  All the doctors and staff were very nice and explained everything that was happening in great detail.  The surgery was painless and fast.  The healing process was quick and easy.  I absolutely love being able to see without glasses.  It’s like a whole new world!”



Melissa V., Mentor, OH

“I was a candidate for monovision correction and I am blown away by the results…no longer squinting up close.  I can see near and far without any challenges.”



John H., Stow, OH

“The staff at LVC were friendly and helpful. My surgery and recovery time followed exactly how they explained it in my consultation. My eyes feel great and I can see perfectly!”



Becky Marine Corps MarathonRebecca K., Middlefield, OH

“I have been telling everyone I can about my experience at LVC. It was wonderful – the surgery, the people, everything! My improved vision is helping so much with my baking business, marathon training and taking  care of my kids. I can’t thank you enough!”


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Alan Cox | Radio Personality

“I had always been near-sighted and I was tired of straining to focus, even while wearing my glasses. After LASIK, there’s no more squinting, no more glasses, and no side-effects at all. I owe all of my near-superhero visual abilities to Dr. Eippert."

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