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Advancements in LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people are interested in correcting their vision with LASIK eye surgery, yet have outdated perceptions of the procedure. For example, it is common for patients to believe that a blade is still used to create the flap in the cornea, or that it takes days to get back to normal after having the surgery. Some are convinced the surgery is very painful. The reality is that LASIK is a virtually pain-free elective procedure that has continued to advance in the years since its creation. Significant advancements in LASIK eye surgery have been made to improve:

  • Patient Comfort – A patient’s comfort during surgery is of central concern to the LASIK eye surgeon performing the procedure.
  • Length of Surgery– The time it takes to actually perform the laser vision correction is only a few minutes per eye. A patient will spend a longer amount of time in the waiting and recovery rooms as opposed to being in the surgery.
  • Vision Correction Outcome – The most advanced technology results in the best possible outcomes when it comes to vision correction for patients.

If we consider the key advancements in LASIK surgery, we can tie much back to the development of IntraLase—an all-laser approach to LASIK surgery. With the development of IntraLase technology, the need for using a mechanical cutting tool to create the flap in the cornea was eliminated. With its elimination, lasers allowed LASIK eye surgeons to achieve new levels of precision. Early versions of LASIK surgery done with the cutting tool not only made patients uncomfortable, but were not as precise. The use of lasers, combined with the use of wave front technology, which allows a surgeon to create a 3D “map” of a patient’s eye, can achieve unprecedented precision.

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