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Advantages of Bladeless LASIK Technology

Just as you would expect in any scientific field, technology in the field of LASIK surgery has continued to advance in the years since the first LASIK surgery was performed. These advancements, particularly in bladeless LASIK, have greatly enhanced the overall effectiveness of the procedure. At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we perform only bladeless LASIK surgery, specifically using IntraLase bladeless technology.

IntraLase bladeless LASIK can be described best as its name suggests—a laser eye surgery that does not involve the use of a blade. Traditional LASIK surgery use an instrument called a microkeratome to cut a small flap in the eye’s cornea. When the flap is cut, a laser is then used to reshape the eye to correct vision. Using IntraLase bladeless LASIK, the entire surgery is completed using lasers. The advantages of this technology are immense and include:

  • Unparalleled precision. LVC Cleveland combines bladeless LASIK technology with wave front technology. Using wave front technology, a LASIK surgeon can operate computer-controlled lasers to match an eye’s shape and thickness. This more precise measurement leads to more precise vision correction.
  • Highest possible patient outcomes. We believe bladeless LASIK affords our patients the best possible outcome in terms of vision correction. After undergoing LASIK surgery at LVC Cleveland, you will realize the long-lasting, immediate benefits of true laser vision correction.


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