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Are You Awake for LASIK Surgery?

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The question that we hear most often about LASIK is “Are you awake for LASIK surgery?” If you’ve never had any sort of surgery done on your eye, it’s easy to imagine that you would have concerns about that aspect of LASIK. There is this movie on Netflix about people having their eyes forced open to see some sort of horrible, apocalyptic beast that was terrorizing the world, and the internet loved it. Unfortunately, people think that coming to get their LASIK surgery done will make you feel like one of the stars of that movie. They feel like some horrible person is going to hold you down and force your eyes open to see some terrible fate that awaits. Well, LASIK is not like that at all! Does it require you to step out of your comfort zone? Yes, but it is relatively quick and easy, and not a hostage situation as you saw in the movie at all. Let’s put to bed some of the myths about being awake during LASIK eye surgery.

Myth #1: The surgery is long, and your eye is open for an extended period

This myth couldn’t be further from the truth. The surgery is usually wrapped up in 5 minutes or less. It would take you longer to fall asleep than the surgery itself!

Myth #2: You have to get a needle in your eye full of anesthesia, and that’s why you have to be awake

This is also not true! The surgery is painless, so you wouldn’t need any anesthesia to go through it. You will get a mild sedative to help you with any discomfort and nervousness, but it’s not like the anesthesia that accompanies other surgeries.

Myth #3: The doctor just wants to get it done quickly and move on to the next patient

This is another myth about why you aren’t asleep for LASIK eye surgery. The doctor needs you awake for the surgery because you will be answering questions and helping to make sure everything is going accordingly. Being awake during your LASIK surgery gives the doctor instant access to your reactions and allows for adjustments immediately if need be.

Yes, you do have to be awake during your LASIK eye surgery, but with good reason. You are an active and essential part of the process. The team at Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland has performed thousands of these surgeries, and they know our patients’ concerns about being awake better than anyone. Put your vision care in the hands of the best team in Cleveland and let Dr. Eippert and the LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland team get your vision where it needs to be to help you enjoy life from a whole new view. You can also learn about what you see during your LASIK surgery. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and rest easy about being awake for our LASIK eye surgery.

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