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Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery for Firefighters

Firefighters Pulling Fire Hose

Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery for Firefighters

Eye health is so important for our first responders: It is their most valuable tool. Without healthy eyes and clear vision, you cannot clearly see what’s around you, putting your decision-making on the job at risk. This is why all firefighters must adhere to very specific vision requirements and guidelines on the job.

As a firefighter, your eyes are also exposed to many risks:

  • Flying debris
  • Wind, smoke, dirt, dust, ashes, and sand


Why Do Firefighters Get Laser Eye Surgery?

There are two main reasons that firefighters seek vision correction through LASIK or PRK:

  • To meet the vision requirements for the job
    Firefighters can either wear approved glasses or contact lenses on the job or correct their vision through laser eye surgery.
  • To eliminate the burden of glasses and contact lenses
    When you’re out in the field responding to an emergency call, you don’t have time for fogged-up glasses or irritating contact lenses. With laser eye surgery, you are able to relieve this burden and have one less thing to worry about when you’re out responding to a call.


Should Firefighters Get LASIK or PRK?

If you need a refresher, traditional LASIK—either wavefront-optimized or Contoura™—uses a laser to make a small flap in the cornea and then reshape the cornea to redirect how light hits the retina. PRK is also a laser eye surgery, but it involves removing the entire top layer of the cornea to access the cornea.

While some firefighters may be candidates for LASIK, others may suffer from dry eyes due to the conditions of the job. Patients with dry eye may not be recommended for LASIK because of the chance that LASIK could worsen that condition. In that case, their surgeon may recommend PRK.

The decision to get LASIK or PRK is an individual one that must be made in consultation with your surgeon and primary doctor. However, there is good news: Both procedures offer precise vision correction and eliminate the dependency on glasses and contact lenses. No more struggling to keep your glasses from fogging behind your mask or worrying that a dry contact lens will pop out at the most inconvenient moment.

If you are ready to learn more about your options for laser eye surgery as a firefighter, please reach out to our team today.

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