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Better LASIK Technology Equals Better Results

When it comes to the highest quality LASIK eye surgery and results, technology is key. That is why LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland (LVC) has invested in the best possible education for its staff, along with innovative bladeless LASIK technology. As advancements in technology have continued over the last two decades, the overall accuracy of LASIK surgery —and the predictability of its results for patients—has improved tenfold. Here is what you need to know about the technology used by LVC:

  • LVC performs only bladeless laser eye surgery. This means that no mechanical cutting tools are used during our LASIK eye surgery or PRK laser eye surgery. In the past, a microkeratome, an instrument with a disposable blade, was used by the surgeon performing the LASIK procedure to cut a flap in the eye’s cornea. With bladeless technology, a laser is now used to create the thin, hinged flap, reshape the tissue, and reposition the flap, which then adheres back to the eye.
  • LVC combines bladeless technology with wave front optimized technology. Wave front technology was designed to provide a more objective analysis of a patient’s unique vision. This technology produces a map of your eye, which can be used as the blueprint for a completely customized vision correction plan, including laser eye surgery. Wave front technology also uses a computer-controlled laser to match the exact shape and thickness of your eye, which can help eye doctors to identify vision errors by the way light travels through your eye.
  • LVC knows that the best technology equals the best results. Rest assured that the procedures performed by LVC achieve the highest level of safety and best possible outcomes in the field. We are a leader in the industry of laser vision correction.

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