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Can I Go in Water After LASIK?

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When undergoing any procedure, there are naturally many questions that come with it. When it comes to a procedure dealing with something as important as your sight, there may be more questions than usual. Your vision is so important, and after you have surgery to improve it, you don’t want to do anything that can harm it. We get many questions, and we are always happy to answer them, so here’s our question for today:

Can I go in water after LASIK?

Water comes in many different forms (showers, pools, lakes, etc.), and there are different amounts of time you should wait before diving into these different forms of water.

Let’s start with showers. You can take a shower after LASIK. You will want to make sure that you keep your eyes completely closed to prevent soap, shampoo, and water from getting in your eyes. You’ll also want to make sure that you don’t rub your eyes when you are washing your face. It seems like a natural move so you’ll want to make sure you make a conscious effort to not do that.

As for pools, lakes, oceans, and hot tubs, you’ll want to wait longer to enjoy these types of water. For pools, lakes, and oceans, you should wait a week before diving in after the LASIK procedure. So, keep this in mind for when you are scheduling your surgery. If you’re into swimming, you may not want to schedule your surgery for the summer. Take vacations into consideration when scheduling your procedure also. If you’re going to a lake or the ocean, you might want to schedule the procedure for after that. As for hot tubs, you can enjoy them three to five days after surgery.

The amount of time you should wait differs if you opt for the PRK surgery. For the PRK surgery, follow the same rules in regard to showering. However, wait times differ for getting back in the pool, lake, ocean or hot tub. For the hot tub, you should plan on waiting at least two weeks after surgery. As for getting in the pool, lake, or ocean, you’ll want to make sure you wait at least three weeks before swimming. Once again, you’ll want to take into account your levels of water-based activity and vacations when scheduling PRK surgery.

As you can see, wait times and procedures differ for enjoying water-based activities and showering after LASIK and PRK. Follow these guidelines and get in contact with your doctor if you have any questions. If you’re ready to start the LASIK or PRK process, get in touch today!

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