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Can LASIK Cause Night Blindness?

Colored Night Sky

For those that suffer from night blindness, driving after dark can feel a little bit like piloting the Millenium Falcon after Chewbacca hits the warp speed button. Halos, glare and even the appropriately named “starbursts” can turn a drive down 480 into something that looks like an outer space adventure.

LASIK is intended to help all of those things, but in some very rare instances, night vision can become a reality after surgery.  The operative term here is rare. 95% of all LASIK patients say that their vision improves after the surgery,  but there is also an interesting trend pertaining to night vision sufferers. 41% of survey takers said that they had night glare or vision problems with glasses or contacts, and only about 20% of those same respondents said that they still had effects 3 months after LASIK (All About Vision.com).

Some of these symptoms are normal during the routine healing period. Usually, after a few weeks, they subside and your vision is better than ever. There are some instances, occurring less than 5% of the time, where glasses, contacts or additional LASIK surgery might be required to correct the issues (American Refractive Surgery Council).

The results are astounding when you look at the long-term success of LASIK to remedy night vision symptoms. Over 90% of those say they suffer from ghosting, 66% of those suffering from glare, and 50% of those saying they suffer from halos and starbursts report resolution after 90 days.

In some instances, LASIK patients will still have to wear glasses or contacts at night to drive, but this is rare. Many symptoms can be treated will eyedrops or other remedies, and as the numbers show, you have a far better chance of eliminating these conditions than incurring them post-LASIK.

Night blindness is rare, so if you have been holding off on getting LASIK because of this, consult with our team, and let them talk you through the risks and benefits of LASIK surgery. Let us help you make the right choice and begin your journey to 20/20!


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