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Can LASIK Help with Seasonal Allergies?

Dry, itchy, red eyes go hand in hand with seasonal allergies.

Here’s what LASIK can do to help with these symptoms!


We knew we were in trouble when they started broadcasting the pollen count during the weather forecasts in Cleveland, OH. The truth is that allergies can play a tremendous role in defining your spring, summer, and fall. Just like a rainy day can ruin a picnic or trip to the beach, seasonal allergies can drive the sufferer indoors to the comfort of central air conditioning. These seasons traditionally mean fun and good times, but for those allergic to pollen, grasses, trees, flowers, pet dander, and other allergens, these seasons mean nothing but suffering for months.


If you don’t have allergies, it may seem that those who are affected by them might be overreacting to the symptoms. For those going through it, having seasonal allergies is like having a cold, a flu bug, a “medicine fog,” a migraine, and itchy eyes all summer long. There is nothing exaggerated about the suffering – it’s very real and very uncomfortable. Unlike a cold or bug that only lasts a few days, allergy season lasts for months. There are some great medicines out there to help, but many of them come with drowsiness as a side effect, making working and concentrating tough.


So, how do these symptoms impact the eyes?

For most people, the things that trigger allergic reactions have no impact. For those predisposed to allergic reactions, things like pollen, mold, dust, and pet dander become dangerous biological weapons that wreak havoc on the sufferer. These allergens can cause eyes to become red, itchy, and irritated, and in some cases, they can cause eyes to water excessively and swell. In extreme cases, they can lead to conjunctivitis, AKA “pink eye.”


And now for the million-dollar question: Can LASIK surgery help me with my seasonal allergies?

Unfortunately for many people, the answer is no. LASIK doesn’t change anything that would block you or shield you from allergens. If you wear glasses every day and then have LASIK performed, you really won’t see much of a difference in your symptoms. But, there is great news for those who prefer to wear contact lenses.


If you wear contact lenses and you are an allergy sufferer, then you know how hard it is to make it through allergy season. The irritated eyes can feel major discomfort and even pain when trying to adjust to the contacts while allergy symptoms are present. Often, the extra water in the eyes causes the lenses to shift and, sometimes, even fall off of the eye. In other instances, the eyes can become dry and cause major irritation. When eyes itch, it can cause the contact wearer to rub the eyes with their hands, and this is a major no-no for contact wearers. There can be bits of debris under the lens that can scratch the eye and cause damage when rubbed.


LASIK eliminates the need for contacts, and that means less irritation on eyes that are already suffering discomfort. No more rubbing, no more irritation caused by your lenses. It’s not a cure for allergies, but it is a cure for the extra burden you place on affected eyes by adding yet another irritant to the mix. It also eliminates the need to wear those old glasses you’ve been avoiding since switching to contacts.


LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland is ready to help you find relief. Schedule a consultation, and be sure to tell our LASIK pro about your allergies. Let us know the triggers and how they impact your eyes. We want to know all about your symptoms so we can help with some long-term tips and solutions beyond our initial surgery. We are your LASIK specialists for life! Let’s talk allergies and relief!


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