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Contoura™ Vision: Out of This World?

Contoura Guide

We’re pretty sure Superman had Contoura™ Assisted LASIK.

The new procedure is getting some otherworldly results!

It has to be alien technology. Imagine a surgery that is giving people 20/10 vision. Two times better than 20/20. That’s the kind of results patients are seeing with Contoura™ Vision. It’s not only that, but there are less potential side-effects and post-op issues than with traditional LASIK. So, do you have to board an alien craft to receive this surgery? Will you crave Reese’s Pieces and have an overwhelming desire to “phone home” when you leave? In a word, no. But we want to go through some of the things that make this otherworldly surgery different than traditional LASIK surgery.

So, what makes this new surgery any different than standard LASIK? Contoura™ Vision Topography-Guided Laser Vision Correction takes the success of traditional LASIK surgery and builds on it. LASIK has always been effective in assisting with visual refractive errors, but Contoura™ Vision offers even greater degrees of vision quality. Contoura™ Vision offers an opportunity to discover corneal irregularities regarding curvature as well as optics. The result? Dramatic improvements with things like night glare and even increases in the speed with which patients read!

For those wondering about the “topography” part, it’s exactly what it sounds like. With Contoura™ Vision, the cornea is mapped out and any nooks, crannies, hills, and valleys are corrected with the laser. This amazing technology means a more effective surgery with less issues post-procedure than traditional LASIK.

Dry eye has always been the arch nemesis of the LASIK world. Well, with Contoura™ Vision, dry eye has been reduced by about 95%, virtually eliminating it from consideration. Between that and the reduced glare at night and while driving, LASIK has never been safer than it is right now.

Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland is one of the first facilities in Northeast Ohio to offer Contoura™ Vision, and if you have been considering LASIK, there is a good chance that it’s right for you! Schedule a free consultation today and get ready to be “over the moon” with your improved vision!

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