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Does LASIK Surgery Hurt?

Before making the decision to undergo LASIK surgery, there are many questions and concerns that patients may have. Deciding to get LASIK is a big decision and we want you to be as informed as possible about the procedure. We want to make sure that you know what to expect and that LASIK is right for you.

One question that we get frequently when discussing LASIK surgery is about the level of pain that will be experienced while undergoing surgery and after the procedure.

Overall, LASIK surgery should not induce a large amount of pain. Rather, there can be some discomfort associated with the surgery.

Prior to surgery, you will be given eye-numbing eye drops. These will also be given during and after the surgery. With these eye drops, there should not be pain or discomfort during the actual surgery. Rather, during surgery there may be the sensation of pressure on your eye as the laser creates a flap on your cornea. This is neither painful nor uncomfortable. Instead, it will feel like a bit of pressure.

After surgery, there will once again be the eye-numbing eye drops. In the following 1-2 days after the surgery, you may experience some discomfort. This discomfort should not be too painful, and you should not really experience pain at all – only discomfort. Following those two days, the discomfort should subside.

Overall, LASIK surgery should not be painful. Throughout the surgery and the following days, there should only be slight feelings of pressure and a bit of discomfort.

Have more questions about LASIK surgery? Check out our blogs and FAQs where we answer some more common questions that people have about LASIK surgery. If you’re considering LASIK surgery and ready to start the discussion, give us a call – we’re always happy to talk and discuss any questions and concerns you might have.


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