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First and Goal: LASIK and Football

LASIK and Football

Can LASIK Give You a Leg up on the Competition?

Even the leaves are orange and brown when autumn hits Cleveland. This is truly the Browns’ town. Football is the chosen sport of the Cleveland area (sorry, Cavs and Tribe), and whether it’s cheering on your local high school team under Friday Night Lights, rooting for the Buckeyes or one of many college ball teams, or heading to the good old Dog Pound for some Sunday afternoon action, there is a good chance that on any given weekend, you’ll be watching at least a down or two of football.

This also means that Northeast Ohio is a breeding ground for players. They start in peewee leagues where they can barely run with the pads on, and in the case of some special athletes, they continue all the way through college to the NFL. Athletes are always looking for an advantage to take them to the next level, and in many cases, that means better eyesight. Even Super Bowl-winner TJ Ward had LASIK from LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland to get his game to the next level! 

Can LASIK give a football player an advantage? Are there risks for football players who have LASIK? Here are some answers and some discussion points about LASIK and football:


1. What can LASIK do for a football player?

If you’ve ever played football and taken a hit that made you lose a contact or have a contact move out of position, you know that it can put you on the sidelines until you get off the field.  Recreational goggles fog up and don’t necessarily fit well with a helmet. If you need glasses to see, LASIK gives you the benefit of better sight without having a device to assist. Less equipment means less weight, so if you don’t have to wear eyewear, it always helps with mobility.

LASIK can help you with eye enhancement, like having better depth perception, which is huge for not only catching the ball or finding a receiver to throw it to, but it also can help you evade defenders when running down the field. It’s not just about not wearing glasses. If you’ve never been tested because you think your vision is “good enough,” you might find out that LASIK helps you see the ball and the field in “high def.” It can help turn a good player into a great one.


2. Can a high school football player get LASIK?

Most experts agree that because you are still growing, getting LASIK before the age of 18 is not recommended. The target age for LASIK is between 20-40, which means that many college players would be great candidates for the surgery.


3. Is it safe to play football after LASIK?

For a few weeks after the surgery, your corneal flap will be healing, and if something gets in the eye and causes damage, then you could risk permanent injury and infection. Once the eye is healed, the risks of playing football post-LASIK are minimal.


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