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Heroes Who Can Benefit From LASIK

Doctor wearing glasses

Tough Times Produce Heroes

And LASIK Can Make Their Lives Better

COVID-19 has shown us just how important first responders and our medical community are. Northeast Ohio has been at the heart of COVID-19 treatment, and our area doctors and nurses have been in the spotlight as some of the most integral in the world for fighting this virus. The National Guard reminded us that the military isn’t just about conflict when they pitched in and helped the Cleveland Food Bank distribute food to our neighbors. We were reminded that heroes don’t wear capes or athletic jerseys – they wear scrubs and camo. 

LASIK can help make its patients more effective at their jobs. It’s not all about looking good without glasses; it’s about function. If you could have a simple, elective procedure that would make every shift easier and help increase your productivity, who would turn that down? Here are some heroic workers that would benefit tremendously from LASIK surgery:



Nurses surpassed the Avengers as America’s superheroes in 2020. Glasses on neck cords are common sights in medical facilities; but ask any nurse, and they will tell you that isn’t the most efficient tool for vision. Nurses need to use their hands, and it’s hard to manage items and equipment while pushing your glasses up to prevent them from sliding down your nose! It’s also not sanitary to have glasses on your face that could potentially be compromised with germs. Get rid of the glasses with LASIK.


Police Officers

Imagine having to pursue a suspect while wearing glasses. Any athlete will tell you that even prescription goggles don’t accommodate physical action as well as LASIK. Police officers can spend less time messing around with glasses and contacts and more time chasing the bad guys once they’ve had LASIK.



Think about all of the equipment that a firefighter has to wear when fighting fires. The last thing they need is one more thing to think about. When you have helmets, masks, and other PPE, you don’t want to be fooling around with glasses. LASIK eliminates that piece of equipment from your uniform.


Truck Drivers

We found out just how important truck drivers were when we became reliant on them to deliver goods like precious toilet paper and hand sanitizer to stores from coast to coast. Anyone who has ever tried to drive in the sunshine while wearing eyeglasses and not sunglasses knows how much better life would be for a trucker who could wear sunglasses and see the road clearly thanks to LASIK.


We want to thank all of the real-life heroes who have helped our country through this tough time. We can’t express in words the admiration and respect we have for what you’ve done to combat this virus. We hope to see you soon, so we can thank you in person!

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