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Holiday SEE-son Travels

Pack a Little Lighter for the Holidays

See the Season in a Whole New Way


Glasses? Check. Glasses case? Check. Contacts? Check. Contact case? Check.

There is a lot to bring when traveling with poor vision. The holidays are just around the corner and bring with them a lot of traveling. Seeing friends and family all over the map is truly what makes the holidays but packing for these road trips can be a hassle and step on our holiday spirit. 

There is nothing worse than preparing for bed after a long day of travel and realizing that you forgot to pack contact solution. At this point, you’ll probably try to get creative and consider your options. 

You think that sleeping in your contacts will be fine, but you might want to take a second before hitting the hay in contacts. Sleeping in your contacts can lead to eye infection or, in some cases, ulcers in your eye and that might put a damper on your season of thankfulness and joy. Read more about the risks of overnight contact lens wear in this article from Sleep.org


Could you just let your contacts sit in water overnight?

No, leaving your contacts in water invites all kinds of bacteria to seep into the lenses and can lead to an eye infection. Water also does not carry the same disinfecting properties as contact solution. 

You’ve explored your options and it looks like you might have to throw a coat on over your pj’s and head on over to the 24-hour store to pick up some contact solution. On your way there, think of ways you could avoid this nuisance in the future. You could promise yourself that you will triple-check your bags next time, but we all know that life happens. Even when we triple-check, mistakes can be made and stuff will be forgotten. 


The best solution?

Leave the contacts, glasses, and solution behind. That’s right. Don’t even put them on the list and don’t check it twice. Consider LASIK. LASIK eliminates the need for glasses, contacts, and solution. LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland is here to help you pack a little lighter this holiday season. Say goodbye to glasses, contacts, and all of the hassle that goes along with them.  

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