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How Can LASIK Help With Your Spring Allergies in Northeast Ohio?

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It’s Pollen Time in Cleveland.

How Can LASIK Help You With Your Spring Allergies in Northeast Ohio?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, another more familiar foe reared its head in Northeast Ohio. Right in the middle of everyone getting nervous with every sneeze and scared by every cough, spring allergy season returned to the north coast to strike fear in the hearts of many sufferers. Once you determine that it’s just your seasonal allergies that are presenting some symptoms, it’s time to fight back and begin your annual war on pollen.

You can have a new ally in that fight if you get LASIK. Here are some ways that LASIK surgery from LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland can help you with your allergies in Northeast Ohio.


No More Touching Your Eyes.

Pollen gets everywhere in the spring, even on your hands and fingertips. We are in an era where there is an increased focus on handwashing, so hopefully, if you are a contact wearer, you are washing your hands before touching your eyes. If you don’t have access to a sink and you need to remove your contacts, you could be putting pollen directly in your eyes, and that can lead to horrible irritation. If you have LASIK, you can remove the frequent need for touching your eyes.


Have You Ever Sneezed While Wearing Glasses?

Not only is it annoying to have your glasses fly off after a big sneeze, but it can also be very unsanitary. Particles can fly onto your lenses when you sneeze, and you might not be able to see them! In this era where we are learning the hazards of such conditions, it only makes sense to reduce any potential contamination from a spring allergy sneeze.


Contacts Can Trap Allergens on Your Eye and Leave Them There.

It’s easy for allergens to get caught between your lens and your eye. It’s not easy for them to get out. Eye washes help, but who wants to do that every day? With LASIK, you don’t have to worry about getting allergens trapped in your eyes or removing them.


LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland can help you see springtime in a whole new way. Stop and smell the roses with LASIK!

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