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How Do I Keep My Eyes Open During LASIK Surgery?


Lasik Procedure

The inability to keep your eyes open during LASIK surgery is a common concern that many people have. Some people are worried about sneezing or blinking. You may also be afraid that you will not be able to keep your eyes open while you are undergoing LASIK surgery.

To start off, the part of LASIK surgery that involves the laser doesn’t last more than a minute per eye. So, the actual time of the surgery is not too long. But, there’s more than that at work to keep your eyes open during the surgery.

But really, keeping your eyes open during LASIK is nothing to worry about. Numbing drops along with an eye-opening device are used to keep your eyes open. As our friends over at Providence Eye & Laser Specialists put it, “After instilling numbing eye drops you actually do not feel the urge to blink, and a device is used to gently keep it open when necessary.” By getting rid of the urge to blink, you will not feel the need to close your eyes during the surgery. As a precautionary measure, we also use a device to ensure your eyes stay open.

So, making sure you keep your eyes open should no longer be a concern. We hope that this helps to alleviate your worries about not being able to keep your eyes open while undergoing LASIK surgery. The speed of the surgery, numbing eye drops, and the eye-opening device are all measures that keep you from opening your eyes during the surgery.

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