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How Soon After LASIK Can I Wear Makeup?

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Before undergoing the LASIK procedure, as with any procedure, most LASIK candidates have many questions. While many are aware of the benefits that LASIK can provide, there are still naturally many questions that candidates have regarding the surgery, recovery period, and post-op life. We’ve answered a variety of questions in our blog and FAQ, and in this blog, we answer the following:

How soon after LASIK can I wear makeup?

For those who wear makeup on a regular basis, the idea of going without makeup can be hard. Once one is in the routine of wearing makeup daily, it can be hard to imagine going without for a period of time. That’s why many of our makeup-wearing candidates want to know how long after LASIK they have to wait to wear makeup.

Many people could have guessed that it is probably not the best idea to put eye makeup on right after undergoing the LASIK procedure. Makeup can get into your eye and potentially cause an infection. Also, if the makeup is not put on and taken off gently, there can be a problem. So, exactly how long should you wait before wearing makeup after LASIK?

Generally, it is best to wait a week. However, this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis with your doctor. Some patients are suited to put on makeup a few days after LASIK depending on the doctor’s orders. However, plan on a week. So, take this into consideration when scheduling your appointment. If you will need to wear makeup less than a week after LASIK, you may want to hold off on surgery.

Consider these items in regard to wearing makeup after LASIK:

  • After undergoing the LASIK procedure, you will not want to rub your eye too vigorously so choose your makeup carefully. You may not want to put on that tough-to-get-off waterproof mascara or unbudgeable eyeliner if it requires endless scrubbing to remove. You’ll want to wear easy-to-remove makeup in the days following your procedure.
  • You might need to avoid your waterline. If you’re used to wearing eyeliner in your waterline, you might not want to do that for a while after having LASIK. Lining your waterline puts your makeup very close to your eye and could potentially lead to you poking your eye which is something you should avoid right after LASIK.
  • You can wear other makeup. Just because you can’t wear eye makeup after LASIK doesn’t mean that you can’t wear other makeup. Foundation, blush, lipstick, and bronzer are all fine as long as you avoid the eye area.

So, now that you know the details on wearing makeup after LASIK, are you ready to start the process? Get in touch today and we can set up your initial consultation.

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