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How Soon Can I Drive After LASIK?

Driving on Road

When deciding whether or not to undergo a LASIK procedure, many candidates have questions about life after the procedure. How soon can I wear makeup? When can I take a shower? Will I need glasses? Those are all questions that we’ve heard, and they’re questions that we’ve answered, among others, on our blog. Today, we’ll be covering this question:

How soon can I drive after LASIK?

To start with, you cannot drive home from your LASIK procedure. So, you’ll want to make sure you have a ride lined up. With the improvements that you might see in your vision directly following your procedure, you might feel like you can drive home, but you cannot. There may be some blurriness after your procedure. And, your eyes will likely be sensitive to light for a couple of hours following your surgery due to the numbing eye drops used. If you elected for sedatives before your surgery, your reaction time will be affected which adds just another reason why you must not drive home from your surgery.

So, when can you actually drive after LASIK again?

You should not drive the day of your procedure. However, you can resume driving after LASIK once you can see well enough to do so. This may be the very next day after your surgery!

In your follow-up appointment the day after your procedure, your vision will be checked to see if it is good enough to be legal to drive without corrective lenses. If this is true, then you may receive paperwork that states that the “requires corrective lenses” restriction can be removed from your license. You can then bring this paperwork to your DMV to have your restriction lifted.

Do you have more questions about the LASIK process? Check out our past blog posts and our FAQ page to see the questions that we’ve answered. If you have more questions, give us a call – we’re always happy to talk!

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