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How to Choose a Lasik Surgeon

Choosing the right LASIK surgeon to perform your laser eye surgery is very important. Not only to do you want to be assured of the surgeon’s licensing and certification, but you also want to make sure you feel comfortable and at ease with the person performing your LASIK surgery. These are some guidelines that you can follow when choosing your LASIK surgeon:

Testimonials: Who can speak the best to a surgeon’s expertise and performance? The answer is past patients. A respected and qualified LASIK surgeon should have no shortage of patients who have shared a review or testimonial about their unique experience. If testimonials are readily accessible on your surgeon’s website, consider that a very positive indication of patient satisfaction.

Referrals: When seeking referrals, talk to your regular eye care optometrist or ophthalmologist about your desire for LASIK and your request for referrals. It is very likely that your eye doctor has recommendations for reputable, qualified LASIK surgeons in your region that they have worked with previously. While you can seek referrals from relatives, friends or coworkers who have had laser eye surgery, your eye care professional is a good place to start.

Credentials: Make sure your LASIK surgeon is licensed and board certified. When a doctor is board certified, it means that he or she is certified to practice their specialty. Do not hesitate to ask your surgeon whether he or she is board certified. It is also very easy to validate a LASIK surgeon’s credentials by contacting the state licensing board.

Experience, Not Price. Laser eye surgery is a competitive field, and some surgeons might advertise low pricing. Never choose a LASIK surgeon using price as a definitive factor. There will be time to determine financing once you have settled on a qualified surgeon.

Technology. Ask a LASIK surgeon to discuss the technology used during laser eye surgery at his or her office. Look for a surgeon who utilizes the most advanced technology available, which indicates he or she is always seeking to provide the highest quality precision in vision correction.

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