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How We Prepare for Your LASIK Surgery

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How We Prepare for Your Laser Eye Surgery

Ensuring the Highest Quality of LASIK Surgeries in Cleveland

We have often shared tips for how you can prepare for your LASIK surgery, but you may not realize everything that our team does to prepare as well. Even though we perform a high volume of laser eye surgeries, we treat each surgery with the highest level of care and preparation. 


First, we are committed to ongoing research and innovation.

In a sense, we are preparing for your future LASIK surgery every day. Our team is always seeking the latest innovations in LASIK technology available in the industry to prepare for providing the highest quality of treatment and results. Laser eye surgery is what we do—we are constantly striving to enhance our procedures.


We determine your qualifications for LASIK surgery.

Our preparation for your surgery begins during your initial consultation. You will undergo a thorough eye exam and tests. Following your exam, we review our findings and give you the most comprehensive explanation of your treatment options. Along with your primary physician, we determine that you are a strong candidate for successful treatment with laser eye surgery.


In advance of your surgery, your surgeon studies your patient history.

To prepare for performing laser eye surgery, your surgeon will carefully review all of the scans of your eyes that will be used to correct your unique vision. Our corneal mapping technology is the most advanced in the world, meaning we can deliver highly customized LASIK treatments.


Prior to your arrival, we sanitize all surfaces and equipment.

From the chair that you will sit in during the surgery to the waiting room where you will be taken immediately after, we thoroughly clean and sanitize all surfaces. Your surgeon and care team will also sterilize every piece of equipment used during your surgery. We have always held ourselves to the highest possible safety standards and will ensure you are in a completely sanitized and sterile environment before, during, and after your LASIK surgery. 


The team at LVC is always willing to discuss your concerns and provide answers to your questions. We look forward to meeting you at your initial consultation.

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