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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Worth It?

We understand that the decision to have LASIK eye surgery is not one made lightly. While the surgery is extremely safe and effective, you may have fears or concerns regarding the surgery and its costs. How can you determine whether a LASIK eye surgery is worth it? As you decide whether to have the surgery  or continue to wear glasses or contact lenses full-time, consider these realities:

  • Contact lenses can be hard on your eyes.

Naturally, inserting any foreign object in your eye is unnatural. If contacts are not cleaned regularly, you are at risk of infections, corneal ulcers, or other complications. Further, many contact wearers suffer from eye fatigue. Particularly when your job requires long hours in front of a computer screen, you will eventually begin to experience discomfort and agitation from your lenses.

  • Annual expenses for contact lenses and glasses are costly.

Perhaps you are weighing the costs of LASIK with your current vision-related expenses. Consider that, over the span of many years, you will spend thousands of dollars to replace lost or damaged glasses, not to mention annual prescription changes and frame updates. Contact lenses can also be very costly, with higher costs associated with daily disposable lenses and other brands enhanced for comfort. The reality is that the return on the investment for a LASIK surgery will far exceed years and years of contact orders or new glasses.

  • LASIK eye surgery provides greater freedom to enjoy many activities.

If you are dependent on contact lenses, you understand the difficulties around the most normal activities, such as camping, skiing, or swimming. For example, changing and cleaning your lenses is more challenging during a camping trip. Contact lenses can also be affected by the cold, meaning a lens might pop out of your eye while skiing, putting you at a safety risk, not to mention ruining a good downhill run. Think of how LASIK eye surgery would provide greater freedom to enjoy your favorite activities.

  • LASIK is the only permanent vision correction solution.

Contact lens wearers know that, once you take out your lenses for the night, you are limited in your vision. When you wake up in the morning, or if there is a nighttime emergency, you must immediately reach for your glasses or retrieve a fresh pair of lenses in order to see clearly and safely. LASIK offers a permanent solution to vision correction. After you have laser eye surgery, you will see clearly at any time – even in the middle of the night.

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