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Keeping Your Eyes COVID-19 Free This Summer

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Keeping Your Eyes Coronavirus Free This Summer

Preparing for a Summer Facing COVID-19

The eyes are known to transmit and receive influenza, so it makes sense that with something that spreads as easily and rapidly as COVID-19 does, the eyes could play a role in transmission. That’s why this summer, as you are adhering to safety guidelines to protect you and your loved ones, your eyes should be considered in the discussion.

So, what can you do to keep your eyes safe this summer? Let’s take a look:


Avoid wearing contacts.

We can help with that! LASIK surgery helps contact wearers ditch the lenses, so schedule an appointment today, and we’ll help you check this one off the list! Not ready just yet? Consider switching over to your regular glasses as much as you can this summer to protect your eyes from bacteria.


Don’t touch your eyes.

Just like handwashing for 20 seconds is a good idea that we should have been practicing all along, avoiding touching our eyes is something we should have been practicing as well. Contact with your eyes and COVID-19 infected fluids have not been directly linked to virus transmission, but over a third of all coronavirus patients report eye issues like conjunctivitis, so there is obviously some sort of connection there. To be safe, avoid rubbing or touching the eyes. 


Follow the basics.

It’s a broken record at this point, but social distancing, washing your hands, and staying home if you have symptoms will help keep everyone safe!


At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we are following strict guidelines and best practices to keep everyone who enters our building safe. We are open, and we are ready to help you look ahead to a clear future with LASIK. Contact us today and ask us any COVID-19-related questions you have prior to your visit.

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