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LASIK and the Military

Home of the free, vision of the brave.

Nothing is more American than freedom, and LASIK is helping those who defend it!


For many, LASIK surgery start out with physical appearance being the catalyst. Many people just don’t like how they look in glasses. For others, it’s done for comfort. Some don’t like to deal with keeping track of glasses throughout the day. For some, there are medical benefits. For many, it’s done to make their work easier. But for our military, it’s performed because it can be essential to helping protect our freedom. LASIK has become a part of the uniform for many, and the US Military has been thrilled with the results. 


There are many ways in which LASIK surgeries enhance the skill set of our soldiers, and the benefits aren’t just convenient, they can mean the difference between life and death. Corrective surgery can mean the difference between a fighter pilot landing a plane on the flight deck of a carrier or crashing into the side. There are harsh environments where debris like sand, rocks, and other contaminants are flying through the air, and traditional lenses can be destroyed or, worse yet, cause more damage during these conditions. Contact lenses can trap particles of things like sand and they can then rub scratches into the eye and cause injury. It goes without saying that for gunmen and snipers, accurate vision is crucial to success. It is for all of these reasons that the US Military is excited to have LASIK surgery as an option for the soldiers in the field.  


The American Refractive Surgery Council conducted a study to test the effectiveness of LASIK on members of the military. The results spoke for themselves:

  • 86% of those surveyed reported that it was easier for them to effectively use night vision goggles. 
  • 41% of those surveyed reported that they were better prepared to contribute to their team’s mission. 
  • Pilots landing aircraft on carriers at night saw better, with less glare, than they did with glasses.
  • Most importantly, more than 98% OF STUDY PARTICIPANTS said that they would have the procedure again.  


At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we salute and appreciate our veterans and we’re thrilled that the military sees the value of LASIK surgery for our troops. You might not be protecting our freedom abroad, but we are sure that LASIK will have value for you as well. Schedule a consultation with our team, and let’s find out just how much you’ll benefit from LASIK surgery at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland!

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