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LASIK Eye Surgery: A Tradition of Excellence

November is all about tradition and history. Thanksgiving gives us the chance to re-connect with loved ones, whether that means gathering around the kitchen for Grandma’s pumpkin pies or throwing on your hat and gloves for Cleveland’s Annual Turkey Trot. These yearly habits are comforting and exciting; preparing dinner may cause some stress, but this holiday has withstood the test of time and we look forward to it each year.

When we move away from the comfort of familiarity, it’s natural to feel nervous or even scared. In fact, even after learning about the many benefits of LASIK Eye Surgery, the process may make you nervous to think about. Many people feel this way, but we want to assure you that LASIK Eye Surgery has its own history of improvements and advancements that make it one of the safest and most effective treatments for improving your eye-sight.

It all started with the Cornea.
As early as the 1940s, doctors and ophthalmologists began experimenting with how to change the shape of the cornea to best address issues such as astigmatism and other common eye problems. This is the beginning of Refractive Eye Surgery.

And it didn’t stop there…
The first laser surgery for vision correction was performed by Dr. Steven Trokel in 1987, and after this initial success there was increased commitment to practicing the new technique and making sure it was fit to be approved in the United States. As you can tell, these advancements and perfections were crucial to forming LASIK as we know it today.

Until the first LASIK surgery was completed in the United States.
In 1991, the future of vision changed with the first use of LASIK surgery in the United States – and the history of LASIK eye surgery is closely tied to our own history here at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland. Our founder, Dr. Greg Eippert, has been at the forefront of LASIK and cataract eye surgery since the beginning of his career in 1997 and has performed thousands of LASIK, Cataract, and Glaucoma surgeries in that time.

Not so scary once you know more, right?  At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we truly believe that walking in for one of our free consultations should be as comforting and familiar as your favorite Thanksgiving gravy. LASIK eye surgery is a safe and effective surgery, and with our tireless team of specialists we make excellence part of our tradition. Contact us today to have all your further questions answered.