Get the Facts About Laser Vision Correction

If you’re here, you’re looking for more information about LASIK eye surgery—and we bet we know why. LASIK seems too good to be true for many people. Is it really possible that in a span of just a few minutes, you can eliminate your reliance on glasses or contact lenses?

The truth is that LASIK, a popular refractive surgery that can correct vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, is not too good to be true: In fact, laser vision correction has outstanding, proven results, gives you more freedom to explore hobbies and sports, and quite simply changes your life. Imagine waking up and not having to worry about putting in contacts or finding your glasses: Simply open your eyes and see clearly!

We understand that no matter how much we praise the benefits of LASIK, laser eye surgery can still be intimidating and scary. We get it! And we want to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your eye care and vision correction.

Laser Vision Correction

How Does It Work—and Is It Safe?

Laser vision correction, such as LASIK, works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear front part of the eye. During the procedure, a laser is used to precisely remove a small amount of tissue from the cornea, allowing light to focus properly on the retina at the back of the eye. For nearsightedness, the cornea is flattened, while for farsightedness, it is steepened. Astigmatism is corrected by smoothing an uneven cornea. This reshaping helps the eye to better focus light, reducing or eliminating the need for glasses or contact lenses. The entire process is usually quick and relatively painless, and patients often experience improved vision shortly after the procedure.

Now for the second part of the question: Is laser vision correction safe? Laser vision correction is generally considered safe for the majority of patients. However, like any medical procedure, it does carry some risks and potential complications. Most people experience improved vision and are satisfied with the results, but there is a small chance of short-term side effects such as dry eyes, glare, halos, or difficulty seeing at night.

The safety and success of laser vision correction depend on factors such as the patient’s overall health, the specific characteristics of their eyes, and the experience and skill of the surgeon. It’s crucial to undergo a thorough evaluation by a qualified eye care professional, discuss potential risks and benefits, and ensure they are suitable candidates for the surgery. Overall, with proper screening and when performed by experienced surgeons, like Cleveland’s own Dr. Gregory Eippert, laser vision correction is both safe and effective.

How Much Is LASIK Eye Surgery?

Understanding How Much Lasik Eye Surgery Costs

After “Is LASIK safe?”, the next most popular question is, “How much does LASIK cost?” We get this question so often that we’ve compiled a guide to the cost of LASIK for our patients. You can also reference our financing information. Most LASIK providers in Northeast Ohio will have financing options and payment plans available to make LASIK an affordable option if you are found to be a qualified candidate.

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Am I a LASIK Candidate?

Take the First Steps Toward Laser Vision Correction

To determine whether you may be eligible for LASIK, take our quiz – Are You a LASIK Candidate? – and then reach out to schedule a consultation with our team in Cleveland, Ohio. We will work closely with your family eye doctor to determine a treatment plan that will give you the best possible vision correction results for the long-term.

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