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LASIK Isn’t for You: 4 Times This Could Be True

LASIK isn’t for you.

But that doesn’t mean that it never will be! 

Transparency. Some LASIK centers struggle with this concept. At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we believe that being honest with our patients and prospective clients is the only way to operate. That means that more often than not, we are giving them great news about the wonderful things that LASIK can offer them. But, there are times when we have to tell them that they won’t be a candidate for LASIK. We have to be honest with ourselves as well as those who are trusting their vision to us.

Here are 4 times when we might have to tell someone that LASIK won’t work for them:


1. You are too young for the surgery to be effective.

There is some research suggesting that newer LASIK procedures are working on younger patients, especially for specialized vision treatment, but the presiding thought says that you should be 18 years of age to consider LASIK. Before that, your eyes are still developing and LASIK might not be as effective.


2. You are pregnant.

Good news. You won’t be pregnant forever, so once your little bundle of joy arrives, you are eligible once again for the surgery. Pregnancy can change eyesight, causing temporary nearsightedness or farsightedness, and hormones can cause dry eyes, too. Dilation medications might seep into the bloodstream as well, and that might not be good for the baby.  


3. You aren’t healthy.

LASIK is a surgery, and as with many surgeries, you need to be in good health to recover and avoid complications. Autoimmune issues can cause your eyes to dry. Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, glaucoma, and cataracts are just a few medical illnesses that can cause LASIK to be ineffective or risky. You should check with a medical professional prior to pursuing LASIK. 


4. Your vision is unstable.

Most doctors are going to want to see your vision stable and unchanging for about a year before going through the LASIK process. Contact lens wearing, diabetes, and even normal aging can impact vision. If your prescription is changing, it can have a permanent impact on the effectiveness of LASIK. 


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