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What Are LVC Patients Saying?

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What Are LVC Patients Saying?

Read LASIK Reviews From Our Patients

LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland has hundreds of positive reviews from patients on Google—and we don’t take this for granted. We work hard to earn every positive review by providing the best possible LASIK surgery experience in Greater Cleveland. That means investing in our team’s training and ensuring we are using the most advanced technology and equipment available.

But beyond this, we also strive to give each patient a highly personalized LASIK experience. We address your unique concerns and fears about LASIK, make you feel comfortable at every step of the way, and take the time at each visit to thoroughly answer your questions.

We find that it is so helpful for our prospective patients to hear from individuals who have already undergone LASIK surgery. We’ve pulled a handful of our more recent Google reviews to share with you below.


“I was really nervous [about having] the surgery done, but LVC made me feel as comfortable as I could be and explained the whole process step by step reducing my anxiety. It was a very smooth process and everything was great.” 

Brian Heller

“Everyone [at LVC] really goes above and beyond to make you comfortable, answer questions and ensure the safest, best possible experience for you and your eyes. The process was very efficient and insanely fast. The actual time with the surgery was, give or take 30 seconds per eye. I was blown away by the whole experience. Could read the clock across the room [as] soon as I sat up when they were done. Had 20/20 vision the next day when I came in for my check-up… If you have contacts/glasses and have been debating this for a while – do it.” 

Jacob Corbin

“Life changing. I was nervous to get LASIK because I’m terrified of any surgery involving my eyes. I still booked an appointment because being able to see well without my glasses was too appealing to pass up. By the end of the [appointment], the doctors had me comfortable and confident that I could handle LASIK surgery. Sure enough, procedure day was a piece of cake. I spent about ten pain free minutes in the operating room and when I woke up from my recommended 3-4 hour nap, I felt great. I had 20-15 vision at my post op appointment (the very next day). I couldn’t recommend this place enough; my wife is next! LASIK is truly life changing!” – Grayson Murray

“From the moment we sat down at my initial consultation to the moment I left after the surgery, I experienced nothing but professionalism and kindness! Everything was explained to me in detail and the fact that I didn’t have to wait very long for my scheduled appointment was a bonus. My vision is better than perfect; I see 20/15 and my life has changed for the better. I highly recommend the folks at LVC – you won’t regret it. 

Roberta Phi

Thank you to Brian, Jacob, Grayson, and Roberta for taking the time to share your experiences!


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We hope that reading these reviews was helpful in your decision to pursue vision correction through LASIK. If you’re ready to take the first step, we are more than ready to welcome you to LVC, answer your questions, and determine whether you are a strong LASIK candidate. Schedule your initial consultation today.

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