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LASIK Self Evaluation Questions

At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we certainly advocate that any interested LASIK candidate first speak with their eye doctor, then schedule an initial LASIK consultation. However, if you are wondering how to determine whether you will make a good candidate for laser vision correction surgery, there are some basic questions you can consider as part of a LASIK self-evaluation. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but will give you an indication of your potential candidacy for LASIK surgery.

    • Has your current vision prescription changed in the past 1-2 years? It is very important that your vision prescription is stable for several years prior to undergoing LASIK surgery. If LASIK is performed on a patient with an instable prescription, or the patient is young and his or her vision is still changing, the likelihood of achieving long-term vision correction is poor. If your prescription has remained stable, you will be a stronger candidate for LASIK.


    • Would a decreased dependence on glasses and contacts improve or enhance your lifestyle? Consider how LASIK surgery would affect or enhance your current lifestyle. For example, if you are an active athlete whose glasses make competitions or training more difficult, reducing your dependence on glasses would be a significant lifestyle change and improvement. These types of scenarios make LASIK a great option for certain patients.



  • Are you pregnant or nursing? During pregnancy, a woman’s vision can change temporarily. Because of this potential, LASIK should not be performed on women who are pregnant. The best option is to wait until an appropriate time after your pregnancy and your vision prescription has stabilized.

For other questions related to your potential as a patient for LASIK surgery, contact LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland today. We are happy to speak with you and answer your questions.