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Lifelong Contact Lenses or LASIK Surgery?

If you are a longtime contact lens wearer, you are probably very used to the daily routine of wearing contacts. You know the importance of keeping your contacts—and eyes—clean and you are prepared for the annual costs associated with purchasing new lenses and supplies. Even so, you might also be very interested in laser vision correction, but are hesitant to learn more because of your fear of the unknowns of the LASIK surgery. So why should you make the switch from a very familiar contact lens routine and instead opt for LASIK surgery?

The reality is that a lifetime of contact lenses—the costs, the maintenance, the effects on your eyes—may not seem like the best choice after you discover the benefits of LASIK vision correction. While the surgery may be a scary unknown, once you have your initial LASIK consultation, the procedure will no longer be a mystery. In fact, you will learn how safe, quick, painless, and most important, effective the laser eye surgery is, resulting in complete vision correction.

Imagine a new daily routine: instead of immediately reaching for your glasses or fumbling to the bathroom to put in new lenses, you open your eyes and see clearly—from the moment you first open your eyes. You will not be tied to the day-to-day maintenance of contacts; keeping them clean, dealing with eye strain or irritation, and worrying about running out of your supply.

Not only will you experience the difference in your day-to-day routine, but you will also experience a significant return on investment over time. While LASIK surgery is an investment, it is also a one-time occurrence. You are exchanging years of money spent on new lenses and supplies for a one-time LASIK cost. The savings are significant and will be realized over many years to come.

We are happy to discuss your concerns and answer your questions about giving up contact lenses for good and discovering the benefits of LASIK vision correction. Call LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland today to learn more or schedule a consultation.