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Night Time Driving Tips

“Can I drive after LASIK?”

It’s one of the most common questions we hear. The answer is yes – after a few days, you should be ready to drive and get back on the road better than ever. There are some patients who will have some glares and halos, which will often subside after some time, and that can make driving at night a little more challenging, at least in the short term.

Night vision issues are common. With or without LASIK surgery, night vision can be a common problem for many drivers. With that said, it makes sense that we could all use a little more caution when driving at night. We’ve compiled this list of tips that will help assist your eyes when you drive at night:


Tip 1: Light Up the Night

Check all of your lights – headlights, taillights, brake lights, signal lights, all of the lights! Make sure that your headlights are pointed out, not down, so you can maximize the spread or array of the lights for maximum vision.


Tip 2: Check Your Wipers

You might not notice how dirty or worn out your wipers are until you try to drive at night. During the day, it might not be apparent that you need better wipers, but if they aren’t removing the water at night, or if they are leaving streaks on your windows, the effects can be amplified at night.


Tip 3: Take it Slow

Reaction times are impacted at night, because you don’t have as much warning for if you will need to make a sudden stop. Go a little slower and leave plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you.


Tip 4: Bright Lights, Big City

If you can, use your high beam lights. Of course, if you are close to another vehicle or there are oncoming vehicles, use the low beams. High beams are made for driving in areas where there aren’t street lights, but on rural roads that have sporadic light coverage, they can be extremely effective.


Tips 5: WAKE UP

One of the most common causes of impaired vision at night is fatigue. If your eyes are slowly closing because you are too tired to keep them open, that has an obvious impact on your vision. Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and don’t rely on caffeine to do the work for you!


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