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Planning for Your LASIK Eye Surgery

As you plan for LASIK eye surgery, you likely will have questions and concerns about making sure you are thoroughly prepared for the surgery. Planning starts far in advance with the initial consultation, and continues through the evening before, as well as the morning of, your surgery. This is our advice for planning for your LASIK eye surgery:

Schedule your LASIK consultation. Your LASIK plans begin with a consultation with a LASIK surgeon. This is the important first step in preparing for LASIK. Not only will you be confirmed as a candidate, but you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and share your concerns.

Schedule your pre-operative appointment, which includes dilation. Once it has been determined between your LASIK surgeon and eye doctor that you are a candidate for LASIK surgery, the next step is a pre-operative appointment, during which your eyes will be dilated. It is very important to schedule this appointment, either with your eye doctor or at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, before your LASIK surgery. This must be done before the surgery can be performed.

Make arrangements for the day of the surgery. Instead of a last-minute panic to find a friend or family member to drive you to and from your LASIK surgery, make arrangements well in advance. Following the surgery, it will be essential to have someone to drive you home and help you get settled in to rest or sleep for several hours as recommended for recovery.

Plan to rest! The best thing you can do before your surgery is rest. We encourage our patients to get a full night of sleep and avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before your procedure.

Our team will help you plan for your LASIK surgery in any way we can. Simply give us a call with any questions or concerns, and we are happy to address them.