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Play Ball! How LASIK Helps the Athlete

Baseball glove and balls

How Does LASIK Help the Athlete?

We “Play Ball” With the Facts

This year’s Major League Baseball Spring Training got off to an abnormal start. The Houston Astros were starting the 2020 campaign on top of the world as champions, but the start of the season brought with it deafening boos. You see, the Astros were in the midst of an investigation that would ultimately show that they used digital devices to “steal signs” from the other teams they played, including our beloved Cleveland Indians. They had cheated. And that meant that the league was turning against them and justifiably so.

Athletes are always looking for an advantage, but the ones who can find those advantages within the context of the rules are the ones we celebrate. From better nutrition and workouts to sports psychology sessions, the greatest on the planet attempt to find a winning angle that others didn’t see. For many athletes, that means LASIK. 

Why LASIK? LVC of Cleveland looks at how LASIK can help an athlete improve their sight and gain an advantage without bending the rules of the game!


No more dirt in your contacts.

If you’ve ever played a sport and felt the burning pain that occurs when a grain of sand from the infield or dust from the court gets in your eye, you know that there are few things that can take you out of your game like that sensation. No one wants to have to step out of the game for an eye rinse and then struggle to get their contacts back in.


No more spectacles.

It’s hard to play sports when you are worried about your glasses flying off. Ever wonder why you see fewer goggles on the field of play? LASIK is one of the answers. Athletes enjoy the comfort they experience without equipment on their faces. 


No more blurry vision.

Contacts can shift in the eye, causing blind spots or blurriness. Glasses lack full coverage for peripheral vision. LASIK eliminates both of these problems.


Look great, play great.

Deion Sanders was a Hall of Fame athlete who loved to look great on the field. He believed that if you looked great, you played great. Many people don’t like the way glasses or goggles make them look and, psychologically, there could be something to this theory. 


Who’s ready to play ball? If you are looking for LASIK facilities for athletes in Cleveland, LVC is the right place to be. We’ve helped pros, like Super Bowl champ TJ Ward and sports talk show host Matt Fontana from The Really Big Show, so you know we can help you! Contact us today and let’s get you ready for the season.

Play Ball With LASIK