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Reasons to Get LASIK Before Summer

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Experience the Freedom of Life After LASIK

As long as you don’t plan your surgery right before a major event or vacation, there’s really never a bad time for a qualified candidate to have LASIK surgery. The spring is a popular time for many of our patients: You can head into summer with the feeling of freedom that comes from not being bogged down by your reliance on glasses or contact lenses.

These are just a few of the ways having LASIK surgery could impact your life this summer:

  • Jump in the pool, ocean, or lake and see clearly. You’ll no longer need to strain to see without your corrective lenses, and you can more easily put on goggles or snorkel equipment to take in the sights around you. Discover precautions to take before getting in the water after LASIK.
  • Stop worrying about losing expensive glasses. As you stroll the beach or wade into the water, you won’t need to worry about losing an expensive pair of prescription sunglasses or transition lenses.
  • Take an impromptu nap. If you doze off on the plane or while relaxing under a beach umbrella, you can do so without worrying about the discomfort of falling asleep in your contacts—or needing to remember to take them out beforehand.
  • Participate in a sporting event. Before LASIK, joining a game of beach volleyball or participating in a local softball league would require you to figure out what to do about your glasses or risk damage to your protective eyewear—after your laser eye surgery, you can more easily participate in athletic activities.
  • Ease your allergy symptoms. While we wish it were true, LASIK surgery itself does not prevent or reduce allergy symptoms. But because the procedure eliminates the need for you to wear contact lenses, you won’t need to deal with trying to get contact lenses in your itchy, bloodshot eyes.


Get LASIK Before Summer

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