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The temperatures in Northeast Ohio are warming up! We are spending more time outdoors with our families and friends, whether it is hiking in the Metroparks, attending a local festival like or a concert in the Flats, or playing sports, and summer trips to Headlands Beach are drawing closer. What could possibly make the summer season any better? We can think of one thing—experiencing it with clear vision, and without dependence on glasses or contacts.

With every outdoor activity you love, there is usually a drawback to wearing glasses or contacts. For example, it is difficult to play sports while wearing glasses, not only because they can be cumbersome but you are also risking damage to expensive eyewear. Many of us have been on the beach and experienced a tiny grain of sand blowing into your eye, causing painful irritation with your contact lens, or even the annoyance of losing a contact lens while swimming.

When you choose to undergo LASIK surgery, you are saying yes to clear vision while saying goodbye to being dependent on your contacts or glasses to see. You will be amazed at the freedom that comes without the burden of contacts or glasses, especially during the summer.

As you can see, there are many reasons to take the first step to LASIK now, before the summer season is in full swing. Another is that LVC is currently running a great promotion for LASIK candidates: Take advantage of a $158/month payment plan for 24 months with 0% financing! Your monthly payment may be further reduced if you are using a vision plan provider. We also accept payments from Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts. The bottom line is that we want to make LASIK surgery as affordable as possible for our patients.

Why wait until summer has passed you by to start seeing clearly? Take the first step to LASIK now by scheduling a free consultation with our team.