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Stars Are Sporting a New Set of Goggles

man playing basketball

Kurt Rambis played for the LA Lakers back in the ‘80s, during the height of the team’s spectacular run. We owe Kurt a huge “thank you,” because no one made wearing sports goggles less appealing than him. He wasn’t that uncoordinated. He wasn’t that slow. But something about those thick glasses made it look like Kurt Rambis had two left feet!

While he was working in the front office for the team after his retirement, he got LASIK surgery, as many athletes do, and while he was thrilled with the results, he couldn’t shake being attached to his famous accessories.

“Every couple of days, I still have people come to me and say ‘Hey, didn’t you used to wear glasses?’” (Better Vision Guide). Well, even though LASIK corrected his vision and made it so he could ditch the Rec-Specs, we’re guessing that Kurt, like many other LASIK patients throughout the world, had one more opportunity to don a very special pair of goggles.

LASIK recovery goggles are very much standard fare in the world of LASIK. They can be inexpensive and look fairly similar to the goggles worn by athletes in the ‘80s and ’90s. But, these goggles serve a purpose and could hold the key to a successful recovery period after LASIK. Here are some things to know about LASIK recovery goggles:

1. They are instrumental in the healing process.
During LASIK a small flap is made on the eye so that the doctor can make alterations to the shape of the cornea to correct your vision. That flap heals naturally, but if you touch the eye or it comes in contact with an obstruction that flap can shift, and the eye won’t heal naturally. The goggles help ensure that that doesn’t happen.

2. You’re going to want to rub the eyes – the goggles will not allow that.
It is common on the day of your surgery to feel discomfort in your eyes. They can feel dry and itchy, and your natural instinct is to rub them. The goggles play a little extra defense to make sure that you can resist the urge.

3. They see you when you’re sleeping
The most common time for that flap to be disrupted is in the night while you are asleep. With your brain checking out, natural reflexes take over, and the instinct is to rub, so the body does just that. But, you can thwart the attempt with the help of LASIK recovery goggles.

Although after the surgery you won’t need goggles to play basketball anymore, they play a key role in getting you back on the court. Come see Dr. Eippert and the team at Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland to get started on your road to victory over poor vision! Contact us today for your free consultation.

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