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Summertime Eye Safety for Kids

Kids swimming in pool wearing sunglasses

Summertime Eye Safety for Kids

School’s Out, but It’s Time to Teach Your Kids Some Eye Safety

Remote learning has made teachers out of parents all over the country. We know you’ve probably had your fill of Zoom classes and virtual classrooms, so we won’t bore you with math and history lessons. But we still have some lessons to teach about taking care of your kids’ eyes.

COVID-19 has taught us how to properly wash hands and social distance. It has also taught us that there are many safety precautions for health that we should be taking every day that we aren’t. With that in mind, here are some basic safety tips to help keep your kids’ eyes healthy all summer long.


Their future is bright, so get them some shades!

It might not be enough to get your kids dollar store sunglasses this summer. Kids’ glasses need to provide 100% UV protection just like grown ups do. Without it, they could be susceptible to damage! 


Protect them under the sea.

Have your kids wear goggles when they are in the pool. Chlorine and salt water can have damaging effects on the eyes and the goggles help protect them. You can also find UV-protective goggles to increase sun protection.


Throw some shade.

During the time that the sun is at its peak, it’s good to head for some shade. This not only protects your children from sunburn, but it also protects the eyes from the rays when they are at their brightest.


Your kids may never need LASIK, but if they ever do, they have to have eyes that are healthy enough for the procedure. Summer eye care and protection are vital for them and for Mom and Dad too. Are your eyes ready for LASIK? Schedule your free consultation and let’s see if you pass the test!

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