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The Benefits of Contoura™ for LVC Patients

Contoura map for LASIK

Enhanced Topography-Guided LASIK Surgery

The team at LVC has long been committed to delivering the best possible laser eye surgery results for our patients in Northeast Ohio. As part of this commitment to you, we have stayed on top of the latest LASIK research, in particular the development of topography-guided LASIK technology known as Contoura Vision. LVC has been performing Contoura Vision Topography-Guided LASIK since the fall of 2018. 


Contoura™ LASIK vs. LASIK: Is There a Difference?

Contoura™ LASIK is not a replacement for LASIK. It is a technology that enhances the existing wavefront-optimized LASIK surgery. All LASIK procedures use an IntraLase laser to change the shape of the cornea and correct the patient’s vision prescription. The degree of precision is simply more advanced using Contoura™. You can see the difference in these two scenarios:


Wavefront-Optimized LASIK Without Contoura™

  • Patients with the same vision prescription are treated with the same laser.
  • The laser treats a flat plane on the corneas to correct for the patient’s specific prescription.
  • The patient will receive great results.


Wavefront Optimized LASIK With Contoura™

  • Each patient undergoes an extremely detailed scan that maps their eyes.
  • This mapping includes measurements of all 22,000 points on the cornea. 
  • That scan is uploaded to the ALLEGRETTO® WAVE Eye-Q Excimer Laser. 
  • Patients with the same vision prescription will have customized treatment.
  • Instead of treating a flat plane, the laser can adjust to reach the unique hills and valleys of the patient’s cornea.
  • The patient will receive great results with a higher degree of precision.


Benefits of Contoura™ LASIK for Our Patients

If you are a candidate for a LASIK procedure at LVC, you will be assessed as a candidate for Contoura.  Our team will perform multiple scans of your eyes to measure things like your unique vision prescription and the shape, thickness, and surface of your cornea. If the measurements across multiple scans do not agree with each other, you may be best treated with standard wavefront-optimized LASIK. However, if the measurements of your cornea align across different tests, you may be a candidate for Contoura

When you undergo topography-guided LASIK, you are receiving the most customized and advanced LASIK treatment available in the world. The benefits are numerous:

  • An even higher degree of precision for vision correction.
  • Results that lead to the smoothest possible cornea.
  • Reduction in subtle post-operative symptoms from standard wavefront-optimized LASIK such as halos, glare, or difficulty driving at night.


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