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The Custom Bladeless Approach to LASIK Surgery

Over the years, as technology has changed, so has LASIK vision surgery. Today, the most common and preferred form of LASIK is bladeless, also known as IntraLase. Here’s what you should know about the custom bladeless approach to LASIK surgery, taken by the surgeons at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland:

    • Bladeless LASIK is exactly how it sounds: There is no blade used. Years ago, a mechanical cutting tool, called a microkeratome, was used in all LASIK eye surgery to cut the corneal flap—a thin, hinged flap in the eye’s cornea during the surgery. Advances in technology led to an all-laser approach, meaning a laser, instead of a cutting tool, can be used to reshape the eye’s tissue and reposition the flap. And it takes only a matter of minutes to perform the procedure in each eye! This was a major advancement in laser eye correction surgery.


    • Bladeless LASIK surgery allows for greater customization of the procedure. The laser is controlled by computer technology which provides a more precise measurement of the eye and, because of this, extraordinarily precise creation of the corneal flap. At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, our surgeons combine bladeless LASIK technology with wave front technology, computer-controlled lasers. This technology helps the surgeon match the exact shape and thickness of the patient’s eyes, resulting in a precise and greater level of vision correction.


  • Bladeless LASIK results in an easier patient recovery period. The laser-created flap in the eye’s cornea heals naturally, reducing complications or discomfort. In general, many patients will resume their normal routines within several days of laser correction surgery.

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