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The Facts and Myths about Spring Break and LASIK

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Can LASIK impact your spring break fun?

The kids are out of school. Your spouse got vacation approved. You are ready to spend a few well-deserved days in paradise. You know how it is. When you get a few days off, you have to fit a vacation in alongside some of the other activities you’ve been putting off, like LASIK. You schedule LASIK for the first few days of vacation, but your friend tells you horror stories of LASIK recovery that have you second-guessing your decision. No water on vacation? No days in the sun? No makeup? We thought it might help if we talked about some of the facts and myths about how LASIK will impact your fun!

FACT: You will need to stay out of the water if you are doing LASIK during spring break.
For the first week or two after your surgery, you’ll need to stay out of the pool or ocean. Even after that, you’ll need to use goggles and avoid opening your eyes underwater for about a month.

MYTH: You will not be allowed in the sun after LASIK.
While long-term exposure to sunlight can have a negative impact after LASIK, you can be in the sun for shorter periods with the appropriate eyewear. You need to have high UV coverage and dark tints to reduce glare and exposure.

MYTH: You won’t be able to wear makeup for a month.
One of the most common questions that comes up about LASIK surgery is: Can I wear makeup afterward? Conservatively, some people wait a week or so to wear makeup, especially around the eyes, to avoid contamination. The reality is that after 24 hours of healing, there is a relatively low risk of damage from makeup. After a few days, you should be okay to wear makeup to your fancy vacation dinner.

FACT: Spring break is a great time to get LASIK done.
When you get LASIK done, you will need someone else to drive you home. If your spouse has the day off, it’s a perfect time to get your surgery taken care of. You will also be recovering for most of that day and probably the day after, so it’s nice to have someone there to take care of you!

So there you have it! With a little attentiveness and caution, there is no reason that you can’t enjoy your spring break trip! You might have to skip the snorkeling, but with proper eye care and a common-sense approach, you can still have a great vacation. Looking to book your spring break LASIK surgery? We can help! Contact us today and schedule your free consultation!

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