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What is the first step in the LASIK eye surgery process? First, you must choose your LASIK eye surgeon in the Cleveland area. If you have chosen LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, the process will begin with a comprehensive initial consultation, the key to determining your vision correction needs. In order to evaluate your sight, we will ask about your eyes, your general health, and medications that you take. It is helpful for you to bring a list of medications (drops or pills) with dosages you are presently using. If you wear glasses, bring them with you as well.

This initial LASIK consultation appointment can last from one to three hours and will include a thorough eye exam and tests, usually including eye dilation. For your comfort, you may want to bring a pair of dark sunglasses and arrange to have someone drive you home.

Following the examination, we will review our findings, thoroughly explain your treatment options with bladeless LASIK technology, and address your concerns. If another physician has referred you, a summary of your exam will be sent to your doctor, under whose care you will remain.

Many patients come to us with a number of questions: For example, are you awake during LASIK? Will LASIK surgery be painful? How much does LASIK cost? We have the answers to your most frequently asked questions:

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TJ Ward World Champion Pro Football Player

"Thanks to the staff at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland and Dr. Eippert for providing excellent and professional care to improve my vision on and off the field."

Jessica Bocian

"LVC is amazing. The customer service they provide is wonderful and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of Lasik."

Jessica McHugh

"My experience at LVC was wonderful! Every staff member was wonderful, nice and kind, and they all made the LASIK experience smooth and comfortable. I am so happy with my new vision thanks to Dr. Eippert and LVC!"

Samantha Arotzarena

"I was referred to LVC by my eye doctor, and I am so glad he partnered with this amazing team. Everyone in the office is extremely helpful and very caring. Dr. Eippert is an amazing surgeon and is very clear on what he needs from you as a patient. He took the time to call me after my surgery to make sure I was still doing ok. LVC has top-of-the-line equipment which makes for an easy and painless surgery. I have recommended LVC to all my friends and relatives looking to get Lasik. I would not go anywhere else!"

Terry Stebbins

"My experience with Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland was amazing! They did a great job of keeping me informed before, during, and after the surgery. The doctor even called me that evening after the surgery to check on me and make sure I was doing well. I can now see my clock when I wake up in the morning. I'm thrilled with the results and would highly recommend LVC of Cleveland."

Lynne Joiner

"I had my Lasik eye surgery done last Friday. The staff was friendly and helpful. Dr Eippert and the staff made me feel comfortable and at ease. My surgery was quick and I didn't feel any pain or discomfort. I was given aftercare instructions which I followed exactly; I'm glad I had this surgery. Absolutely nothing to be worried about. Thanks Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland."