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The Answers to Your LASIK and PRK Surgery Questions

What is laser vision correction?
Laser vision correction is a surgical procedure designed to correct vision problems for patients that are nearsighted, farsighted or have an astigmatism. The two most common types of laser vision correction are LASIK and PRK.
Is LASIK safe? Is PRK surgery safe?
The FDA approved LASIK and PRK processes are a proven, safe and effective way of correcting vision. Refer to the FDA website for detailed information on LASIK and PRK. There are no known cases of blindness from LASIK or PRK.
Is LASIK or PRK painful?
LASIK and PRK are not painful procedures. Eye drops that numb the eyes are given before, during and after the procedure. There is a sensation of pressure during the LASIK surgery when the flap is created in the cornea, but it is not uncomfortable. After LASIK surgery there is some mild discomfort that lasts a day or two. This recovery period for the PRK procedure may last slightly longer. PRK patients experience a little more discomfort after the procedure as the procedure creates an intentional abrasion. A clear bandage contact lens and soothing eye drops along with oral medication makes the recovery process for PRK easier and more comfortable.
How long does a LASIK or PRK procedure take?
For either LASIK or PRK, you can expect to be at the LASIK clinic usually one to two hours. The total time in the surgery suite is about ten to fifteen minutes and the actual laser time is less than one minute per eye. Most of the visit is preparation and discussion with your surgeon.
Am I awake during LASIK or PRK?
Yes, you will remain awake during LASIK and will be offered Valium or a similar sedative. The reason why you need to remain awake during LASIK or PRK is so that you can follow fixation instructions from your surgeon.
Has LASIK technology changed over the years?
Laser vision correction has evolved over the past two decades, and that is reflected in the advanced LASIK technology utilized by Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland. Laser created flaps (bladeless LASIK) combined with wave front technology has brought safety and outcomes to a new level in the laser vision correction industry. As you research Cleveland LASIK surgeons, know that LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland only performs custom bladeless LASIK procedures.
How do I know if I am a candidate for LASIK surgery?
The first place to start is with your own eye doctor. He or she can give you an idea of whether you are a good candidate for laser vision correction and even co-manage your procedure by providing your pre-operative and post-operative exams. During your visit to LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we will evaluate your eyes with precise optical equipment discuss treatment options with you.

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