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What is LASIK for Life?

At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we stand behind your vision results for life. We have confidence in our surgeons and in the stability of our patients’ long-term results. Our intention is to help you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life.

We call it “LASIK for Life.” If an enhancement is needed to maintain vision results from your LASIK eye surgery, clinically qualified participating patients will receive a same technology enhancement procedure without charge at LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland.

Who is eligible for “LASIK for Life”?

The LVC LASIK for Life program includes qualified patients who have had laser vision correction at a LVC Center by a participating surgeon. Please read the program’s detailed guidelines for complete information.

To Maintain Eligibility for “LASIK for Life”:

  1. Complete your course of post-operative appointments after treatment.
  2. Have your annual eye-exam with your LVC affiliate doctor.
  3. Ask your LVC center for complete details.

To Maintain Eligibility for the LVC Standard Enhancement Policy: At LASIK Vision Centers, every patient receives one year of free same technology enhancement coverage.

How do I enroll in the LASIK for Life program?

Patients of LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland are automatically enrolled in the LASIK for Life program upon completion of laser vision correction treatment, subject to the guidelines.

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Erika Lauren | MTV's Real World

"Fifteen years of wearing glasses and being frustrated with contacts was resolved in less than 15 minutes when I had painless LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Eippert took excellent care of me, and I am proud to say that my four eyes are now two healthy eyes with perfect 20/20 vision! I can't thank you enough for giving me clear vision--it's truly a life changing experience!"

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