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At LASIK Vision Centers of Cleveland, we have invested in the best education for our staff and the latest bladeless LASIK technology to ensure that each of our patients has the best possible LASIK surgery experience and outcome. Many of the most frequently asked questions that our patients have about the LASIK process can be answered by watching the short videos below, detailing the advanced technology we use and the typical steps of a laser eye surgery.

Intralase Bladeless Technology

Intralase bladeless technology uses lasers in place of a mechanical cutting tool, called a microkeratome, which was originally used in LASIK eye procedures to cut the corneal flap. Instead, a laser is now used to create the thin, hinged flap in the eye’s cornea during the surgery. The laser reshapes the eye’s tissue and repositions the flap, which then adheres back to the patient’s eye and naturally heals.

Wave Front Technology

With advances in technology, LVC is able to combine bladeless LASIK technology with wave front technology. Wave front technology allows an eye doctor or surgeon to use computer-controlled lasers to match a patient’s exact eye shape and thickness in order to achieve more precise vision correction.

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Erika Lauren | MTV's Real World

"Fifteen years of wearing glasses and being frustrated with contacts was resolved in less than 15 minutes when I had painless LASIK eye surgery. Dr. Eippert took excellent care of me, and I am proud to say that my four eyes are now two healthy eyes with perfect 20/20 vision! I can't thank you enough for giving me clear vision--it's truly a life changing experience!"

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