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The Long-Term Benefits of LASIK Surgery

When considering whether to have LASIK surgery, you will spend time getting to know your surgeon and asking any questions you may have about the process, recovery, and results. As you make your decision, be sure to consider the many long-term benefits of LASIK surgery, which truly last a lifetime.

Proven to be effective. In the last two decades, since the first laser was approved for LASIK surgery in the late 1990s, there have been significant advancements made in LASIK technology, including bladeless LASIK and the use of wave front lasers. This has made the LASIK procedure an extremely effective method of vision correction. With LASIK, you will enjoy greatly enhanced vision.

Provides immediate and permanent results. Following a stabilization period, you will experience immediately improved vision. Most patients see results as early as the following day after LASIK surgery. Yes, as early as one day after surgery, you will no longer need assistance to see clearly!

Allows you to reduce your dependency on contacts and glasses. No more spending significant money every year on expensive contact lenses or new frames. Not only is this a financial benefit, but it is a lifestyle benefit. You will find life without the constant worry and care of contacts and glasses to be freeing.

Opens doors to new opportunities. If you suffer from poor vision, you know well the limitations of being dependent on your glasses or contact lenses to see clearly. This can make fun activities, such as swimming or cycling, a chore. All it takes is one contact lens to fall out to ruin your entire experience. Free from the hindrance of glasses and contact lenses, you will be free to try new things and enjoy your favorite activities again.

No more eye irritation. Just as you said goodbye to contacts and glasses, you can also say goodbye to the irritation they can cause your eyes. Imagine no more itching, dryness, tears, or other eye pain to deal with!

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