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The One Time That LASIK Can Help with a Lazy Eye

Close-Up of Woman's Eye

Less-favored eye. Disadvantaged eye. The other eye that could. Any of these would sound better than “lazy eye” – a term which makes it seem like one eye just doesn’t want to work or refuses to do so. The lazy eye has gotten such a negative connotation due to its moniker, but the reality is that it’s not that eye’s fault!

There are different reasons that “lazy eye” exists as a condition, and for the most part, there is little that can be done to correct it. But, in one very specific and very isolated instance, there is a chance that LASIK surgery can provide relief and potentially correct the malady and help with its effects.

Lazy eye can occur when one eye is particularly nearsighted or farsighted compared to the other eye. If the deficient eye is strengthened with LASIK, there is a chance that the condition will correct itself. It must be caught early, and it isn’t a guaranteed solution, but there have been cases where improvement has been made with LASIK. The only way to know if it would help would be to speak with our team at Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland.

Can a child qualify for LASIK to help with their lazy eye? Because the eye is still developing all the way until we reach around 21 years of age, LASIK is not typically considered for kids. Most physicians and optometrists agree that the eye can change several times throughout that period and don’t recommend LASIK surgery until we reach adulthood. There is some research being done, however, that might end up showing that LASIK could help treat the condition in kids.

Typically, if a child has one eye that is significantly behind the other in terms of development, an eye patch, corrective glasses or even a contact lens might be used to help correct the issue. But for some kids, this isn’t an option for one reason or another. In those instances, there is research being done to see if LASIK can help. So far it looks like there could be some promise in that area, although it still isn’t common practice to perform LASIK surgery on children.

Could LASIK help you with your lazy eye? It’s worth a consultation! Why not schedule a consultation with our team today to see if LASIK is right for you? We look forward to speaking with you!


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